Transportation Sosua Dominican Republic

All type of transportation in Sosua, Dominican Republic explained with photos.

List of types of transportation for Sosua Dominican, Republic.

Motoconchos in city of Sosua- 25 Pesos
Motoconchos from Sosua to Charamicos - 30
There is a night cost ?

Van Taxi from Sosua to Charamicos at night is 200 pesos 

Van Taxi to Airport is good prices at 15, and bad over 25 dollars U.S.

What is available in Sosua?

1. Types of Taxis - Motorcycle, and vans - The vans to not drive by, you must call them.
2. Rental Cars - Yes
3. Owning a private car - Very common, but dangerous, theft between cities happens often, and the two-lane highways are full of motorcycles, when a foreigner hits a motorcycle, there are problems.
4. Train NO - In the past, there were sugar trains in Montellano.
5. Buses - Yes, Metro and Caribe
6. Shuttles - Yes, to POP - Puerta Plata Airport
7. Airport Pickup - See the link on Airport Pick up.
8. Airplane - 7 Mile to the POP Puerta Plata Airport

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Photos Transportation Sosua Dominican Republic

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