Sister Cities of Sosua, Dominican Republic

After a person has visited Sosua, Dominican Republic, a few times, they ask, where can I go that is similar to Sosua? We call these cities Sister Cities.

Where can you go after Sosua, when you are tired of making the trip between the East Coast of the USA and Sosua with
Jet Blue
There is more to life than Sosua; there is life after Sosua. But where should you go?
I am Andy Graham, the founder of and 100 other websites about great, international hangout locations. I am not a real Sosua insider. I just come to Sosua to listen to wild stories, speak English and enjoy the awesome beach, plentiful shade and generous conversations full of off-the-wall comments. Generally, there is no place crazier on the planet to visit. This is the honest version of Amsterdam, that is, the window-shopping version, not the drug version.
Yet, the goal of this travel community is to help people find the type of hangout they want, so here are some cities to similar Sosua, along with the websites we have for them. You can join each of these sites with your present membership in the Hobo Community, using the same username and password.

Similar Time Zone

The Other Side of the Planet Time Zones
How do you learn more? If you are in Sosua, then ask people, do you know Pattaya or Cuba? Eventually you will find someone to help you along the path. There are many long-term Sosua expats in Rocky's or at the beach bars during the day.
Tired of that list? Then please go to the following page and see a list of all 100 international hangouts:
Have fun,
Andy Graham, aka Gadget
Note: I am available as a paid travel consultant. Click Here Now. Pay in advance, and I will call you back.

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