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List of best restaurants in Sosua with photo and videos explaining food, locations, this also includes beach restaurants or bars.

List of restaurant and bar in Sosua, you are invited to write articles.

List of Best Restaurants in Sosua

Casa Valeria Restaurant
Dr. Rosen 28 This is an excellent date restaurant, or if you want a more formal feeling and stay away from the boom boom girls.

Baileys Bar Restaurant
Alejo Martinez
El Batey Sosúa
A very large open air restaurant, has a salad bar, and pizza, there is a buffet to the right of it daily.

Bon Helados Ice cream
Dr. Rosen Street
50 Peso cone is worth the money. 

Britannia Bar Restaurant
Pedro Clisante 13
A good all around restauraunt, many expats hanging around, and shaded during the day. This is a good Sunday breakfast spot, as many are closed.

Fruit Bar - In Between Europa and Boom Boom / Pedro Clisante

Jolly Rogers Bar & Grill
Pedro Clisante 11

La Costera Restaurant 
Pedro Clisante 
One of the best breakfast, and dinners in the city of Sosua. 

New Café Restaurant
Pedro Clisante 
Good choice for breakfast, a lot of expats show up around 9-10 am. 

On the Waterfront Restaurant

Plan B Bar
Pedro Clisante
Good watch the girls bar, the Chili and chips is good at night.

Rockys Bar Restaurant
A staple, standard restaurant of Sosua, but the wife of Rick is driving the regulars away, regular American food, with a pizza.  

Schlemmer Stube Bar Restaurant
Pedro Clisante
Next to the central bar, this is great location to watch girls, and eat, the quality of food is good, a German level of good.

Fruit, Drinks, Vegetable Drink - In between City Lights and Europa on Pedro Clisante.

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