Responsible Tourism by Expatriates Living in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Reporting irresponsible, and shameful tourism by expatriats in Sosua, Dominican Republic

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Sosus, Dominican Republic

I personally witnessed this Expat being abusive to a one-two year old Dominican Republic boy on the Sosua beach, August 13, 2013 at approximately 2:00 PM.

I am Andy Lee Graham fromr Orland, Indiana USA, World Traveler

Please click on contact about, and tell me his real name, country, other pertinent information. 

His behavior is shameful, and the Republic Dominican people deserve an apology.

Abusive Expat

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Hi Andy. Many people claim that Americans traveling abroad often act like buttholes, the Ugly American syndrome . While there is no doubt that a few Americans fit that descriptions, some Europeans, supposedly so more sophisticated than us Yanks can be real Schmucks also. Brits when they are drunk, otherwise O.K. Sober Europeans who can be real Idiots and whom I have had some minor run-ins with while traveling have been mostly Germans and Italians. Werent they allies in WWII? LOL! BTW, I am of 1/2 Italian ancestry, so this is not an ethnic thing, just my experiences and observations. Of course, Ive met plenty of Italians and Germans who were fine people. Take care , Andy.


Being a jerks comes in all forms, yet, the desire to believe we are First Class, socially better than other people is almost the universal desire of humans. I call this staticism, the desire to exert one person status above another, when a person buys a brand name, as if a human who has a Apple Ipad, is smarter than a person who has a Samsung Galaxy.

I watch how humans treat each other, body language seldom lies, if a person lives as though all people have the right to share the world equally, then I am happy.

This man behaved as though this crying baby was inferior, not acceptable on my watch.

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