Real Estate Sosua Dominican Republic

Buying Real Estate in Sosua can be dangerous, many people are robbed with guns, learn how to find a safe from crime home in Sosua, and to appraise.

Real Estate Sales in Sosua:

You need to watch this video before you buy a house or condo in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Real property in Sosua takes on average betweeen 1-5 years to sell. The best value for real estate is people who have left their home vacant, their property is not being used, and to return to their home country to die.

What can you rent the property in Sosua determine value:

1. Normally 10 time the gross rent per year is easy rule for rental appraisal valuation of a home. 

2. A person should be able to pay a mortgage by rental of property, this also helps us to realize the demand for the property. If you cannot rent it for the same or above debt service, then problems with demand. 
- This appears to be owned by Peter Knight from Britain.

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