Video of Ethanol Plant that is to Employ 1700 in Montellano Dominican Republic February 2012

This is a video showing the Ingenio or sugar cane plant that is now scheduled to be turned into a ethanol producing business in Montellano.


February 2012

The news on the street here in Montellano, Dominican Republic a village that is located between Puerto Plata and Sosua is going to have a new ethanol plant. The locals say it will employ 1700 people directly, and maybe 6000 indirectly. This amount of employment would double the size of this village, or could.

This is a video showing the one side of the Ingenio, which in the past processed sugar cane. I believe it closed in 1988, and truly looks rather beat. There is a huge crane that has good value, and the building is located in a strategic location.

There is a big population of Haitians here in Montellano, but it will be interesting whether they will be employed by the plant. Generally, the majority does not probably have a proper cedulla or identification card.

I will do a video showing the price of petrol here in Sosua, this would be a great benefit to an Island.

Andy Lee Graham

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