There was a 5.1 Earthquake within 70 Miles of Sosua at Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic January 24, 2012

There was a small earthquake felt in Sosua, and I ran for the door. Andy Lee Graham of

Earthquake Sosua Area

No problems, I am safe, nothing more than a scare.

I just returned from Puerta Plata where I am looking for an room for the next month, and was in the restroom. I am on the second floor of the Freddy's Car Rental building close to Bailey Restaurant. The building started to shake from left to right and I ran for the exterior door, where there is a small balcony on just outside my door, with some barb wire on the wall.

I waited a couple of seconds, hoping all had stopped...

It stopped, so I did not need to jump off, or run for the gate, there is a locked gate at the entrance, and who knows how fast I may have needed to be out of the building and in open area. I think I would have jumped off the wall, it is only about 10 feet up.

Haiti Earthquake
I was in the same building when the Haiti earthquake happened and ran out into the parking lot, while all the other people were still in the building.

I have experienced many similar small earthquakes, there are two main type in my mind, the ones that rumble, sort of a long shake or vibration. And the type we had yesterday where it just is a big wiggle, the top of the building moved noticable.

The Haiti earthquake felt like the top fo the ground was sliding back and forth, like it was slippping or sliding along a slippery hill.

I was in Port au Prince about 5-10 days prior to the Haiti, Earthquake, and just left for Sosua before it happened. I was lucky, two month in Haiti prior to the Earthquake and I just happened to leave.


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Andy Lee Graham of
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