News Headlines Sosua Dominican Republic

News about Sosua Dominican Republic located between Puerto Plata and Cabarete on the north coast of the Republica Dominicana.

The television is very good in Sosua, the majority of foreigners living here have many channels with cable. However, normally are watching CNN, BBC, Fox or a myriad of other channels in English.

Local News explained by other Expatriates in local coffee shops is a combination of gossip and truths and should be tripled checked. Roughly there is about 30 percent American, 30 percent Germans and the remainder is groups of other nationalities. There are large amounts of French, Swedes and Russians, and scattering of all the Easter European countries. Within these groups have their own problems and information that become news.

Links to Sources of Information for Expatriate on the Internet: DR1 has a daily newsletter, and is a good way to follow the country of Dominican Republic. And many of the foreigner are in the forum discussing all the localized problems or news of Sosua. - Tony lives in Sosua and has some type of mailing list, and sends out information. This page has updates.



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