Video of Luperon Dock with Andy Graham Talking about Sailboat Hurricane Hole - Luperon Dominican Republic

Video of Andy Graham on the end of the dock in Luperon, Dominican Republic and him explaining about the area.

Luperon Dock with Andy

In this video I also talk about the idea of going to a place before you try to learn about the location. Many people read too much about a location before and this perverts their knowledge. What we read about travel locations is often 100 percent wrong. My friend Johnny was talking about Christopher Columbus visiting Luperon. Therefore I went searching for information on this, and best I can determine, a few sites are trying to infer that Columbus came here.

Which is highly possible on his first voyage, but in reality, there is nothing here that proves he was here, only speculation. While south of Puerto Plata is a location called Isabelle, where it appears he really did build something.

In the last few years, since the invention of, I am able to come to a location, listen to all the sales crap, and then go try to determine what is real or not real.

However, because I am actually at the Luperon Dock, and actually in Luperon, it is easier to see what is possible and real.

Reading is not reality, it is a supplement to reality.


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