The Law in Sosua, Dominican Republic

The Law by Anna Borisnova.

Hello everyone,

My name is Anna Borisova. I am one of the residents of Sosua, 6 years living in the Dominican Republic and I have 5 years experience related to Dominican law. I will introduce you to the Dominican laws and the most frequently occurring problems of foreigners with the law.

The first and most important:

Drugs in Dominican Republic, both traffic and consumption are strongly prohibited with fines and imprisonment can be up to 30 years. Do not overestimate the controls in the Dominican airports, all bags are tracked by dogs in addition to at random for a full review of any case. So not worth it to try.

  There are certain kinds of people moving through tourist areas, when they see a foreigner, usually from a young age, you get paid to come to anything, including drugs. The most sensible if you just do not accept, although they give a lot of confidence, some of them make their living dealing drugs while police are confident, so that the most likely to happen is that once you have sold the drug to communicate it to the police to stop you and you sign up, taking two amounts of money and yours and the police and your in the best having to pay a monetary fine. All kinds of drugs including a "galore" can make you spend a hell.

Dominican Republic's laws do not distinguish between drug possession for personal use or for sale. So if you're arrested and seize however small the amount, drug, most likely sleep that night in a dungeon. From here we advise you stay away from drugs, not even a single joint, your vacation can end in a way that you expected.

  Depending on the amount of drug that you can seize, the penalty may be more or less hard but always punished with a maximum of 30 years in prison. Each type of drug according to their number belongs to a category and each category has an associated penalty, then you show it.

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