Interviews of Expats Living in Sosua, Dominican Republic

This page is a collection of YouTube interviews of people who have lived in Sosua, Dominican Republic for more than three years. You can add your videos.

This page is a collection of interviews of expats or foreigners living in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

No. 1 Expat Interview:

Frank from Sweden, seven years out of Sweden and five years in Sosua, interviewed by Andy Lee Graham. 

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Anyway have made a few friends on FB Nicaragua Ex Pats Group, those with a sense of humor, one told me he spends $500 a Month on drinking, so told hom he is now doing my drinking for me. A lot of newbie expats, especially women, are self conscious, however even they come around and enjoy the circle, the great baby boomer migration from USA, Canada, UK, Western Europe and Australia has begun, in 5 more years the trickle will be a flood in places like Antigua, Lake Atitlan and Granada where everyone wants to cluster, here in El Salvador we have so few expats in one place, except for the surfing beach of el tunco we have no segregation from locals and NO, thank G-d,Ex Pat gated communities as in apartheid Costa Rica! A few natives will benefit, some will hang around to beg or steal and those with properties will make money and prices will rise all around.


I need to figure this out. I put on my wish list of Amazon. Thanks, but do not understand how they hook to my Canon Camera?

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