Malaria (Paludisme) in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Map of Malaria in DR - USA CDC indicates there is malaria in Dominican Republic and Haiti, the shared island countries. Paludisme is French for malaria.

Do you know of cases of Malaria in Sosua, Dominican Republic?

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How do you tell that a person has malaria in the Dominican Republic?

One sign if you see a person sitting in a chair, and he or she looks as though he or she is falling out of the chair because of exhaustion.

If you lie down on the bed, and you cannot be bothered to move your arms, like a wet rag lying there, because you are so tired, you may have malaria.

The malaria parasite invades blood cells, kills the cells, and you eventually get anemic from lack of oxygen-carrying blood cells.

Small children often die because the parents do not recognize that the child has malaria. The child dies from malaria and secondary illnesses.

The best treatment for malaria is a three-day regime of intravenous liquid put into your veins to bypass stomach acids.


sosua Malaria

This Dominican Republic map is a screenshot of .
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Please note: There is often a "race to the bottom." Some countries fake their statistics to get large countries to send them money.


Please help us answer the following questions in the Comments:

– Is the Dominican Republic faking its statistics?

– Do Dominican pharmacies do malaria tests? Where do we go to get a cheap malaria test done in Sosua, Dominican Republic? Is there a laboratory over in Charamicos?

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