Cubadave Dot Com in Sosua 2013 - Famous People Who Visited Sosua, Dominican Republic

Here is a video interview with, a man who writes for single men visiting Cuba, Sosua and Costa Rica. This is adult information.

I met Cuba Dave, owner of the website,, in Sosua, Dominican Republic, in July of 2013.

It was ironic; another man had just flagged me down and said, "I watch you and videos."

Cuba Dave

Being that I had never heard of Cuba Dave, I took a look at his site. And the next day, he was sitting at the end of the table eating breakfast in the New Garden Hotel, just being one of the boys and telling stories.

There is no doubt: Sosua is one of the best places on the planet to hear wild, off-the-wall expat stories.

Dave makes no apologies for his lifestyle of chasing (or renting) girls for the night. He is a rogue in every sense of the word. He is the stereotypical man who comes to Sosua, Pattaya or Angeles City. He never goes farther; in many ways, he is a three-country type of guy.

Good fun – if you do not take yourself too seriously.

Thanks Cuba Dave for the interview.

Andy Graham
July 27, 2013

Photos Cubadave Dot Com in Sosua 2013 - Famous People Who Visited Sosua, Dominican Republic

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Strange as it may sound, most travel writers refuse to associate with the masses, they are writing only for the resorts, or the people at home. Cuba Dave can be seen everywhere, and anywhere in Sosua. And, although I am radically different than him, we both agree that honest representations are best. Neither of us try to evade the reality of a place. I have a higher than normal respect for his opinion, and that is unusual. I truly despise people who write about travel destinations, they make the girls of Sosua seem honest.

Each year the Internet writers become more clever, they just do not care, anything for a buck. Many need executed, the will advise families to go to a place they know is dangerous.

I am wondering where this thing will end, the people on the Internet have created personas that have no correlation with who they really are. I do not read Cuba Dave, but would use his site or him for a resource, if I needed an honest explanation.

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