Driving a Car in Sosua Dominican Republic

It is not safe to drive a car in Sosua, do it with many warnings, accidents, and corruption is rampant.

Many foreigners drive cars in Sosua, and many are robbed, or involved in accidents that cost them big money. Often tourists need to leave the country after being involved in car accidents.

The Guardian Newspaper from London England states that the DR is the most dangerous country on the planet to drive. Theguardian.com

The major highway leading from Puerta Plata to Sosua to Cabarete has an extreme amount of deaths and should be avoided when possible. The locals seldom stop at lights, or obey signs. It is likely you will be driving on one-way streets and motorcycles will be come directly at you going the wrong way.

Sadly, in a rain storm, it is very difficult to find a taxi to protect you from the rain.

Drivers are regularly stopped on the main street in front of the police station and asked many questions, asked for money, etc. When entering Sosua, it is wise to turn left at first intersection, and avoid the main highway completely, and try to never pass the police station.

Many foreigners do not stop for police on vacant stretches of highway between Cabarete and Sosua, or the between Sosua and Cabarete. As police will stop drivers and extort money.

It is not safe to drive a car in Sosua.

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