Dangers Sosua Dominican Republic

List of the man dangers in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

"Deportee:" Many black men, that speak very good English are trying to work inside Sosua. These men were criminals inside the USA, and deported to Haiti. If a salesperson, or girl, or someone is speaking too good of English, the beware. Deportee from USA to Haiti: After 9/11 the U.S. government deported many Haitian born.

Chulo: This is the boyfriend of a working girl, sometimes her boss, sometimes just a jealous motorcycle driver. Beware of motocycle drivers, if you leave with a girl, do not allow her to choose the motorcycle, and do not allow her to make phone calls. Sometime they work as a team to rob men. Or in crime of passion, they get angry.

Live in group residences, that are locked down, if a person can enter the property without problems, then you in danger. Living in a large house alone in Sosua is dangerous.

Employees that speak english: If a person speaks too good of English, then beware. Learning a language is not a sign of honesty.

Car-Jacking: Many carjacking happen between Puerta Plata and Sosua and Cabarete to foreigners drying rental cars, or their own.

Accidents: The road are dangerous, and if a foreigner hits a local, it could cost 1000's of dollars in unknown fees.

Running a business that is illegal in purpose: Any business promoting the working women of Sosua, the boom boom girls can end up in jail, or dead. To operate an ongoing criminal enterprise is dangerous.

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