Cheap Flights to Sosua, Dominican Republic

There are four main airports in the Dominican Republic. Puerta Plata (POP) airport is closest to Sosua at about 7 miles away.

There are one-way fights from the USA to the Dominican Republic for around 300 USD, and from Europe for around 300-500 USD. If you pay more, you may be paying too much. There are defined high and low season flight prices, but when you shop for tickets, use the 300-500 USD range.

DR Map

If at all possible, buy the plane ticket, then schedule your vacation around the air ticket.

The simple way to find cheap flights to the Dominican Republic is with, and choose the flexible, 3+ day schedule. Then fly large airport in the USA, Europe etc. to the large Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) in Santo Domingo. 

The next cheapest airport is Cibao International Airport (STI) in Santiago de los Caballeros, and then the most expensive is Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP) in Puerta Plata, which is only about seven miles from Sosua.

U.S. East Coast travelers can use JetBlue to Puerta Plata (POP). It is not as cheap, but it is convenient. Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) has many flights coming in from Europe, but is roughly 400 kilometers, or 10 hours in a bus, to Sosua.

Try these four flight compiler sites, then work your way down the list below. Generally, these scraper type sites will pull all the major airlines into their sites. Buying directly from an airline is generally more expensive.

Note: When searching on these four below, try clicking on advertisements on the site; they are often the specials. / / /

This is good for an overview, but appears to miss the “cheapy” airlines:


Charter Flights: The absolute cheapest way to fly is with a charter flight, but these are confusing to use, and only the most studious consumers learn how to use them. The best is


From Punta Cana: 
Takeoff flies

From Puerto Rico:
Pawa Dominicana / American Eagle / Air Carib.

From Haiti:
Pawa Dominicana / Air Carib

From France: 
 / Air France / Air Europa

From Belgium: 

From Holland: 
Martin air

From Austria and Germany: 
Air Berlin
 / Condor

From Switzerland: 

From Spain:
Air Europa / Iberia.

From Scandanavia: 
Thomas Cook Scandanavia
 / Jetairfly

Please write to me, sharing the best "city to city routes" you have found to Sosua, Dominican Republic. For example, maybe New York, USA, to Sosua, Dominican Republic could be the cheapest because the large number of flights causes airline fare competition.

I also need a list of all cities in the world that have direct flights to Puerto Plata (POP).

Thanks for helping on Cheap Flights to Sosua, Dominican Republic.

This page can help you find the cheapest airlines: List of Low Cost Carrier on Wikipedia.

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