Changes Wanted for City of Sosua, Dominican Republic

Look at this page, an open letter to Ilana Neumann, mayor of Sosua. Member expats, please tell us your needs and dreams for the future of Sosua.

Questions for Mayor Ilana Neumann of Sosua, Dominican Republic

Expats living in Sosua are invited to ask questions or make suggestions in the comments area below.

I am Andy Lee Graham, and I am in the process of trying to get an interview with Ilana Neumann, the mayor. I will address questions on this page.

Andy Lee Grhaam Ilana Neumann

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Ilana Neumann, the mayor of Sosua, Dominican Republic

Questions for Mayor of Sosua:

1. Is there a development planned for the beach to replace all the small businesses from 1-200?

2. (Post your question in the Comments section.)

Expatriots’ Desires for Sosua

Traffic Safety
– Reduce motoconcho sound levels.
– Mirrors should be required on motoconchos for greater safety of taxi passengers.
– Motoconcho speeding is bad. Have the police ticket them and earn money for the village.

Tax Dollars for Sosua
– Raise money by enforcing speeding laws for motorcycles. 

– Transportation in rain by taxis is almost impossible. I go to the Playero, and get stranded because there is no cheap transport. What can be done about this?

– The post office needs a sign on the street. Please, get one added.

– Prices need to be clearly marked for all services and products. Many vendors do not put prices on all their products. Then the checkout person looks at us, and sets the price high as he or she believes we will pay. This is very bad in small restaurants.

Protections for housing safety and valuation of condos, homes, etc.
– Zoning should be created and/or enforced to improve property safety and value.


Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham, founder of

USA number +1 260–624–4414 

DR number (which will end when I leave the DR) – +1 849 262 2883


Note to Readers: I need translations in Spanish, German and Swedish below. Please, help out and post a translation, if you can.

Photos Changes Wanted for City of Sosua, Dominican Republic

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Today is Thursday, September 5th. I have an appointment in one hour with the Mayor of Sosua at 1:00 PM, I will ask. This is in Spanish, so maybe I go slow, and she will allow two interviews.

Andy Graham in Sosua, DR.

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