Beaches in Sosua, Dominican Republic - La Playa in Spanish

The beach in Sosua, Dominican Republic, is great: shady with a natural bay and calm waters, good for swimming, safe for children or non-swimmers.

There are two sunbathing beaches in the city of Sosua, Dominican Republic.

These are among the few great sunbathing beaches in the Caribbean. Most beaches in the Caribbean have many old people and are almost empty. The Sosua beaches are alive, vibrant and full of stories. You will always have friends on these beaches.

Both city beaches are safe for children and people who have problems walking into the water. There is almost no danger of drowning. However, there are no lifeguards, and the beach is dangerous at night because of robbers.

The word for beach in Spanish is "La Playa,” pronounced, "Lah Plah Yah."

Main Sosua Beach

1. Large Main Sosua Beach: Playa
This one is on Sosua Bay, down the hill from the small Sosua Playero Super Market. When you ask people, this this is the beach they will assume you want to visit and will direct you here.

This beach is one-half mile in length, and more or less 200 buildings numbered. There are three entrances to the beach, from Sosua side, half way on the main highway where buses park, and from Charamicos, the small village to the west of Sosua.

The distance from Europa Hotel to the parking lot is one-half mile.

Benefits of Sosua Beach: Playa
– This is a social beach. It is very easy to enter into a conversation, find friends, and see other people. Nobody needs to be alone on this beach.
– There is no need for sunblock; you can walk onto this beach and always be in the shade because of the many tall trees.
– Telling friends your location to meet is easy; you can say, "Meet me at number 108," and groups of friends can come together at that spot.
– There are no large hotels on the main beach and no large businesses. Although Sosua has a tourist trap mentality (one wrong move and you can pay too much) the beach of Sosua is wide open. You are free to sit anywhere on this beach; it is public beach that is not owned by the hotel industry.
– There is great shade on Sosua beach, plenty of large trees, with a short walk to the water if you want to cool off.
– There are four public toilets that cost 10 Pesos to use. I suspect you need to have your own toilet paper, as is normal Latin American world.
– A steady breeze off the ocean keeps mosquitoes and insects away, and makes sitting the shade very comfortable.
– There is no transportation allowed on the beach. It is quiet if you choose a place without loud music.
– Offshore there is good snorkeling, roughly 50 meters offshore.
– The sand is plush, deep, clean and light brown, a good quality sand that does not stick to your feet. 
– Lying on towels or blankets is uncomfortable. If you need to rent beach chair, they go for about 2.50 USD (100 Pesos). But take care, if they believe you are naive, they will charge more.
– There are musicians that sing well for tips, but not too many, nothing to worry about.
– Mothers and fathers can sit in the shade but still be able to see their kids in the water and run in quickly to retrieve them.

Negatives of Sosua Beach: Playa
– The beach is at a slope; one needs to choose a place that is flat.
– The beach is approximately 200 yards in length, and no transportation is allowed on beach.
– Music can be too loud; you need to choose a good location relevant to the type of music you enjoy. 
– Beach chairs are of bad design, uncomfortable, and do not go all the way flat. When you sit down in the chairs, they fold up on you. They cost 100 pesos per day. It is a monopoly, and there is only one bad design. 
– There are girls from the bars walking up and down the beach who will proposition men.
– The local beach police, although there, do nothing to protect the tourists or locals.
– The beach has many hawkers. Just shake your head no and do not enter into a conversation. That is what they want; just keep walking. 

Warning: There is a rocky outcropping at roughly building No. 30 on the beach which should be avoided by people with children because it can be dangerous, cut your feet, or allow you to stumble. Swimmers with children need to move further down the beach.

Negatives to some, and positives to others:

– On the weekend, many Santiago families, girls and other people come to the beach. Big buses can arrive, making parking difficult. The area close to Charamicos becomes very busy, as well as the area right down the hill.
– Music is often American gangster rap, full of profanity, including the F word and the N word.
– There is a spot around No. 100-110 where the banana boats arrive.
– At the first area, scuba diving boats arrive and depart, as well as boats for deep sea fishing. (I have never seen anyone really catching fish of note.)

Playa Alicia in Soaua

2. Playa Alicia: Beach

This beach is down the hill from Bailey's or from New Garden Hotel. If you told a taxi to take you to the Waterfront Restaurant, they would get you there.

Benefits of Playa Alicia: Beach
– It is closer to many hotels and a shorter walk.
– The beach is wide and very flat; you can easily find a good places for either a blanket or a chair.
– It’s a volley ball and frisbee beach. 
– There is a nice park at top of the beach, with a great viewpoint of the ocean and the surrounding areas.
– The condos and houses near this beach have access; you could have a nice morning or sunset walk there. 

Negatives of Playa Alicia: Beach
– The local beach chair boys chat up the girls endlessly, and many foreign girls come to this beach to this beach for "sanki panki."
– It’s difficult to find a motorcycle taxi on the hill near the beach; it’s hard to leave quickly from Playa Alicia.
– You must walk down two flights of stairs; there does not appear to be any way for disabled or obese people to easily enter the beach. 

View Sosua Beaches in a larger map.

Sexy Sosua Girls in Beach Chairs

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