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This page explains how members can ask free questions from people living in Sosua or pay to have unbiased help from members, like Ana.

Our goal is to teach curious members the best way to learn about Sosua, Dominican Republic, from people actually living in Sosua.

We want to help you circumvent the slick advertising campaigns and the real-estate-selling groups, to bypass the “come live in paradise” sales pitches from people who say Sosua is perfect.

Ana in DR

Ana Borisova Profile Page
Sosua is a great place, but no place is perfect. But then again, maybe after you ask a few questions, you will learn that Sosua is the best place for you.

So, how do you find real people, people without an agenda, to answer your questions?

Ana Borisova

Reading reviews on Trip Advisor may well be the worst way to learn about Sosua, and it’s surely the most expensive advice you will ever read. The last people you should ask advice from are people who can make money by giving you bad advice, i.e., hotels, tour companies or car rental places. And most reviews are gamed, clever advertisements pushing you toward advertisers or the hotel that pays the biggest commission.

How can help answer your questions?

1. Private Messages to members: Members can write private messages to members that have lived in or visited Sosua.

2. Post questions on Wall: Click on Home from any webpage. There is a topic questions in the middle of the page for members. Please read all the older questions and answers at

3. Ask questions in comments at this webpage’s bottom: Members can log in and post a question below. 

4. Call or Skype with private messages: Many members post their Dominican Republic cell phone number on their profile. (My profile name is "Gadget," and on my profile, you can see my present location, and sometimes I list my local telephone number.)

5. Paid travel consultants: I am Andy Lee Graham, founder of this site, and I can broker a call from Ana. It will cost you approximately 105 USD for three hours of help from Ana. She is the best qualified to answer specific questions about either Sosua or Cabarete: Ana's Profile.

I truly, 100 percent believe that if you wish to come live in Sosua for a month, you should pay Ana to pick you up from the airport, drive you around, and find you an apartment or hotel. It will be the best way for you to save from 200-1,000 USD a month on lodging.

Avoiding misinformation and bad decisions will save you hundreds of dollars. The average hotel in Sosua is going to cost from 40-150 USD per night, and you can rent a room by the month starting at 300 dollars. But it’s hard and confusing to find good deals by just showing up in Sosua and looking by yourself.

If you want to compare cities around the world to Sosua, especially if you are trying to choose a place to retire, than that is my specialty.

And yes, we all like to make money, but we at the Hobo Travel Community are not paid commission by companies we recommend; only your consulting fee is accepted.

Gentle reminder: Remember to not annoy other members, or you can be banned; you are not allowed to propose things to multiple members.

Members can now log in to watch a video Ana and I made showing six Sosua apartments that one can rent for around 300 USD per month. Plus, I added a fun video of Ana showing off the wondrous place she lives.

Andy Lee Graham, aka Gadget,
Founder of Hobo Travel Community and 100 Best Places to Live Internationally

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Comments 4


Andy Says

It is best to live within 3-4 blocks of Rockys bar to be safe at night. After midnight walking home can be dangerous in Sosua.

Well that kind of sums it all up. ! Why on earth would you want to visit such a place let alone live there ?

There are bad parts to all cities and countries but to be unsafe in the area that is the highlight of a city or country is just plain ridiculous.

To many beautiful places to live and see to be confined to a 3-4 block area after-midnight. Sort of reminds me of when I lived in Costa Rica. Heaven by day. Prison at night.

Chuck WoW



PUT a Cotton Ball over your MIC when doing outdoor videos it cuts out all the

WIND SOUND which ruins a otherwise great video.


This place has a fun group of expatriates who talk, eat, drink and walk to the beach together. And, many have been here for years, and do not feel the need to marry the girls as in Asia. That is why some live here, but for me, I am on he way to Africa, and a cheap stopover.

Note the camera has a built in microphone, not sure how, but will look into the idea.


Hello, it was fun watching your video. I need someone to help me with a seniorita I have been corresponding with for a few months now who lives in Sosua. Annie might be the perfect person! How do I enlist Annie's help in my endeavor and what is her necessary payment. I presume our first discussion is free. Is that reasonable?

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