Video by Andy Graham Explaining Where to find 300 USD Apartments in Sosua in 6 Locations - Apartments Sosua Dominican Republic

Video of six, 00 USD per month apartments locations in Sosua Dominican Republic.


Hello, I am Andy Lee Graham the owner of andTravel Blogger for

Here are six places you can rent in Sosua for approximately 300 USD per month. If you call them, they will all probably say more, but all are for rent for around 300 USD per month, and you will have to negotiate.

Most have a Kitchenette in the room.

High speed Internet in all of them, but PLEASE make sure the WIFI reaches your room or you have an Ethernet wire to your room before you rent.


Romanoffs Restaurant and Hotel
Swimming Pool
300 USD
 +1 809 571 3242

Coco Hotel Sosua
300 USD
Swimming Pool
 +1 809 571 3217

Johnny's Plaza Sosua
300 USD
- Next to Europe Apartments or Four Roses Bar

Freddy's Car Rental
300 USD
 +1 809 499 2243

Spanky's Studio Apartments
300 USD
+1 809 802 3372

Villa Mar Charamicos +1 809 962 5070

Behind Sosana Restaurant - This is 400 USD per month or more.

Rocky's Hotel +1 809 571 2951 --- You can stay in this Hotel for 25-35 USD per night, or the Orchids next door while arranging a room.

Playero Super Market
- There is a bulletin board here listing rooms for rent.

SuperMercado Sosua
- There is a bulletin board here listing rooms for rent.

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