Sosua, Dominican Republic, is the only place I know on the planet where I can just arrive and rent an apartment-style hotel room with a kitchenette.

Great Room Features and Terms

• High-speed Internet
• No reservation needed
• No deposit needed
• No credit check needed
• No credit card on file needed

There are many apartments for rent in Sosua, Dominican Republic, at 250-500 USD per month. 

Sosua Apartments

Why Are Sosua Apartments So Cheap?

In the 1980s, an extreme number of people moved to Sosua, built homes, and started businesses. Soon, Sosua apartments were a boom business, and new apartments sprang up all over the city. The real-estate boom ended when most of expats moved back home, leaving the city with huge inventory of empty houses and apartments.

The apartment owners have no choice but to rent cheaply. The going market price of a kitchenette-style apartment is 300-500 USD per month. But please be careful; say to them that you want to rent an apartment for 250 USD. When you ask, they will say 500-1000 USD. They size you up, decide how naive you are, and then give you the highest price they think you will pay. You will have to haggle or find another apartment.

Yes, there are many naive people who live here, who pay much more, and who refuse to even look at cheaper units. These people believe that price is an indicator of quality, and they feel they must pay more.

If you are willing to stay longer than six months, you can find even better quality apartments while you learn the pros and cons of Sosua.

If you do the math, it is always cheaper to rent an apartment or house in Sosua than to buy one. And take care: It is dangerous to live in the Dominican Republic in remote areas or isolated apartments. 

Map of 6 Simple Sosua Apartments With 5-20 Units at 300-400 USD/Month

View 6 Apartment Buildings Renting in Sosua For 300 USD Per Month in a larger map.

Video by Andy Graham Explaining Where to find 300 USD Apartments in Sosua in 6 Locations - Apartments Sosua Dominican Republic Photo 

Video of six, 00 USD per month apartments locations in Sosua Dominican Republic.



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tc77 wrote 1 comment

Hi. Ive travelled a bit too. Im wondering your opinion? I was told Sosua is not safe esp. at nyt? and I was considering buyin a condo? I was tols U can find as good as $25K?
Looking forward to your reply!
Tim from Toronto Canada.

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