Annoyances and Problems in Sosua Dominican Republic

This is a list of annoyances and problems in Sosua, Domican Republic.

This is a list of annoyances and problems in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

The local culture of Sosua, and surrounding area is in the bottom 10-20 percent on the planet. The locals are poor, uneducated, and have no cohesive social structure that grants pride, there is little respect for adults, friends, or family.

1. Educations of locals is low, yet they believe their are educated, the basic Spanish volcabulary is small, and full of extreme slang, very few can write a sentence without mispelling words.

2. Locals take pride in cheating tourists.

3. The locals do not share the sidewalk, they have adopted a New York gang swagger mentality.

4. Many locals change their prices according to how naive and trusting they believe the tourist to be.

5. Boom box cars will park at curb, and actually vibrate a house.

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