Cockroaches Are Annoying, Easily Solved Problem in Sosua, Dominican Republic

There are large, easy-to-kill cockroaches living in Sosua, Dominican Republic. I am willing to bet all hotels here have many of them.

We can strive to live in comfort, free from annoyances, frustrations and problems. As best I know, nobody gets attacked by cockroaches. They are more on the along lines of centipedes: high on the creepy level, low on the actually a problem level. And, as I understand it, they eat bed bugs. However, nobody should have to tolerate them in a hotel room.

7 Cockroaches

This can of insecticide cost 2.50 USD, and it is the best investment one can make when planning to live in a hotel room for an extended period of time. Tropical countries are full of cockroaches. It is difficult to know where they are, but spray down your room, and 2-3 days later they come belly up in your room.

My big worry is stepping on one while walking barefoot, so I encourage geckos to live in the room.

Test your hotel the next time you are abroad: Spray the whole can in your room, turn off the fan, close the door, and come back a couple of hours later.

I have done this to all my rooms now for about five years, and few things compare to its abilty to lend comfort to a hotel room.

And again, I have never heard of a cockroach on the attack, but I have heard many a girl scream at one.

Andy Graham
Sosua, Dominican Republic

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