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The elevation of Sosua goes from sea level up to an elevation of higher than 100 feet. There are some steep walks going to the beach.

Entering Sosua from the Puerto Plata, Santiago or Santo Domingo is a meandering drive along the ocean through small hills. As you enter Charamico, the adjoining city right before Sosua, you will climb a hill, then go down around Sosua Bay, then again climb up to Sosua. Immediately on your right will be the large Playero Super Market.

The city of Sosua is small. Most expats living here can be seen walking toward the main beach from time to time. The elevation at the Playero Super Market, Rocky's, New Garden Hotel and Passions is approximately 60-70 feet above sea level. Therefore, as you make your way toward the main beach, you are dropping in elevation from 60-70 feet down to zero, sea level. This is not a problem; however, a few people do have trouble walking back up the hill. At the beach, car taxis are not readily available, but there are many motorcycle taxis waiting at the entrance to the main beach.

Elevation determines:

Ocean view – Very few hotels have excellent views of the ocean in Sosua. The Sosua Bay Resort Casino probably has the best overall view of the Sosua Bay.

Walking ease – Elevation determines how rigorous the walk is from one location to another inside the city of Sosua. Walking to the beach is downhill, and leaving the beach is a vigourous walk uphill.

Temperature – In tropical locations, such as Sosua, sea level has the warmest locations. Higher elevations are cooler, and lower elevations are warmer. Sosua is going to be hot, and the winds off the ocean are not strong; this is not a city where a good breeze is always blowing.

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Topographical of Dominican Republic

If you study this map of the Dominican Republic, you will realize a trip from Sosua to Santo Domingo involves a short trip through some smaller mountains or hills.

Before you make any long-term decisions about living in Sosua, it is best to hang around for a couple of years to ensure that you can endure warm climates. 

When looking to rent, make sure you can walk to your normal haunts, super market and favorite restaurants. Then, you’ll be able to live a life of luxury without the cost of buying gas. A car often makes lodging that at first seems cheap turn out to be expensive.

Andy Graham

PS: If Hobo Community members have precise measurements for locations in Sosua, please enter them into the comments. I learned my Magellan GPS has a 20-foot variance, and that is not very accurate.

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