Video of Distance from Pueto Plata Airport to Highway to Catch Carro Public to Sosua

This video shows a Carro Publico or shared taxi that runs between Puerto Plata and Sosua entering the Puerto Plata airport to drop off a person.

Puerta Plata Airport map


The shared taxis, called "Carro Publicos" run between the cities of Puerto Plata and Sosua. Note, they also go to Cabarete.

The cost is 30 Pesos, less than one USD and you can get dropped off or picked up from the Puerto Plata Airport. They put three people in the front and four in the back, but is you want, you can pay double and buy the whole front seat for two dollars.

How to catch?

Walk from the airport to the main highway, this is a distance of about 200 yards or meters. Stand on the main highway and hold you hand out.

There are also Gua Gua or vans, they do the same, and look more obviously like public transport.

Airport Taxi - 20 USD

Motocycle Taxi --- They are at top of parking lot - 200 Pesos.

Gua Gua or Carro Public - 30 Pesos - One USD


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