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Sosua Dominican Republic Community

Welcome to Sosua, Dominican Republic, the Amsterdam of the Caribbean, without the Drugs, but the rest... An expat community of Americans, Germans, Swedish and many Eastern Europeans. Many men from the East Coast area near New York come on the weekend for the local Sosua girls. Great beach, plenty of shade and many apartments to rent for 300 USD per month.

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Latest Posts by Members from the Sosua Dominican Republic Community

Sosua Dominican Republic Latest

Changes Wanted for City of Sosua, Dominican Republic

Look at this page, an open letter to Ilana Neumann, mayor of Sosua. Member expats, please tell us your needs and dreams for the future of Sosua.

Responsible Tourism by Expatriates Living in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Reporting irresponsible, and shameful tourism by expatriats in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Advertise Your Business / Submit Sosua Dominican Republic

Advertise Your Business / Submit Sosua Dominican Republic, all you need to do is click on submit business and complete form.

Super Markets, Fruits, Vegetables

Super Markets or Grocery Sosua Dominican Republic

Annoyances and Problems in Sosua Dominican Republic

This is a list of annoyances and problems in Sosua, Domican Republic.

Apartments in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Sosua, Dominican Republic, is the only place I know on the planet where I can just arrive and rent an apartment-style hotel room with a kitchenette.

Beaches in Sosua, Dominican Republic - La Playa in Spanish

The beach in Sosua, Dominican Republic, is great: shady with a natural bay and calm waters, good for swimming, safe for children or non-swimmers.

Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata Dominican Republic is approximately 22 kilometers from Sosua.

Sister Cities of Sosua, Dominican Republic

After a person has visited Sosua, Dominican Republic, a few times, they ask, where can I go that is similar to Sosua? We call these cities Sister Cities.

Mail Forwarding, Postal of

EPS is a great mail forwarding to Sosua, Dominican Republic service, one of the best on the planet.

Interviews of Expats Living in Sosua, Dominican Republic

This page is a collection of YouTube interviews of people who have lived in Sosua, Dominican Republic for more than three years. You can add your videos.

Checklist to Bring to Sosua Dominican Republic

This is a checklist of products to buy, or bring to to Sosua, Dominican Republic. The DR is an Island, so many items cost twice as much.

Ask a Question About Sosua, Dominican Republic

This page explains how members can ask free questions from people living in Sosua or pay to have unbiased help from members, like Ana.

Cheap Flights to Sosua, Dominican Republic

There are four main airports in the Dominican Republic. Puerta Plata (POP) airport is closest to Sosua at about 7 miles away.

Water in Sosua, Dominican Republic

The tap water in Sosua is not drinkable but is acceptable for showers and washing clothes. This pages explains how to buy water cheaply in Sosua.

Transportation Sosua Dominican Republic

All type of transportation in Sosua, Dominican Republic explained with photos.

Food and Recipes in Sosua Dominican Republic

Learn about the food, and recipes of Sosua, Dominican Republic, share your favorite ways of cooking for expats or foreigners living here.

Real Estate Sosua Dominican Republic

Buying Real Estate in Sosua can be dangerous, many people are robbed with guns, learn how to find a safe from crime home in Sosua, and to appraise.

News Headlines Sosua Dominican Republic

News about Sosua Dominican Republic located between Puerto Plata and Cabarete on the north coast of the Republica Dominicana.

Maps of City

Map of City Sosua Dominican Republic

History of Sosua Dominican Republic

The history of Sosua Dominican Republic started in 1938 when the Dominican Republic offered Jews refugee from Hitlers Germany.

Electricity in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Sosua, Dominican Republic is a contender for the worst public electricity grid on the planet, yet it also has best battery and generator backup systems.

Coffee Shops Sosua Dominican Republic

Coffee Shops Sosua Dominican Republic

Elevation of

The elevation of Sosua goes from sea level up to an elevation of higher than 100 feet. There are some steep walks going to the beach.

Airport Pickup Sosua Dominican Republic

Airport Pickup Sosua Dominican Republic, how to get from either the Puerta Plata Airport or the Santiago Airport to Sosua, Dominican Republic.

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